Who we are

PTA committee

If you wish to join us in any capacity, your input would be greatly appreciated. The PTA can be contacted by email at cavehillprimarypta@hotmail.com or by leaving your details with any of the members below or with the school office.

The current members are as follows:

Teacher Reps

Mr Orr (T) (Principal)

Miss Hamilton (P6)

Miss McClelland (P1)

Parent Reps

Meghan Hoyt (T) (Chair)

Kids at Cavehill : Penny P7 and Aisling P4 (plus Isabel and Finn who are now former pupils!)

Favourite PTA event : Believe it or not, the Summer Fair. Massive to organize, but really lovely when it all comes together.

Likes : Books, long walks, Guinness.

Dislikes : The weekday morning “routine”

Most recent binge-watch : Topboy, Killing Eve, Fleabag.

Best thing about Cavehill Primary School : Lovely staff and beautiful grounds.

Carole Booth (Treasurer)

Kids at Cavehill : Elliott, P3

Favourite PTA Event : The Summer Fare – There is always a good turnout, so its nice to see so many familiar faces. The kids have a great time and if the weather plays ball it is a bonus!

Likes : Travelling, sunshine and a good cheesy disco.

Dislikes : Rain and noisy eaters.

Most Recent Binge Watch : The Morning Show.

Best Thing About Cavehill Primary School : There is a real feeling of a school family, which makes the kids feel safe and secure. I know that all the staff, not just the teachers, truly care about the children, and I love that my son gets to be part of that.

Jill Wharry (Secretary)

Kids at Cavehill : Phoebe P1, Freya P4.

Favourite PTA event : A recent addition to our calendar, Gin Tasting. A fun night and great way for parents to meet.

Likes : Spending quality time with family and friends.
Dislikes: Litter and rudeness.

Most Recent Binge Watch : Your Home Made Perfect, love a good renovation show.

Best thing about Cavehill PS: Being a past pupil I feel a strong connection to Cavehill. I love the history and the part our school plays in the community.

Julie Boone

Kids at Cavehill : My 11th and final year at Cavehill! Youngest is Isaac in P7.

Favourite PTA event : Gin night or P7 leavers pancake breakfast.

Likes : Last day of summer term when the sun shines and the holidays stretch out ahead of us.

Dislikes : Making packed lunches.

Favourite TV : Historical dramas

Aisling Pugsley

Kids at Cavehill : Lillie P4 and Anita P2

Favourite PTA event : Family Gardening Days. It’s is very rewarding to see what we can achieve in a couple of hours each half term and I love watching the kids get muddy and taking notice of the little bits of nature that they find.

Likes: Nature, walking, cycling and camping. Drinking tea and eating biscuits.

Dislikes. Wearing high heels and make-up; running out of biscuits

Favourite TV show : Anything with David Attenborough

Best thing about Cavehill : I think the staff are very caring and the school is situated in a beautiful spot.

Alison Moore

Kids at Cavehill : Max in P3.

Favourite PTA event : Summer Fete, it’s lovely to see all the families coming together.

Likes: Travelling and music.

Dislikes: Tomato Ketchup.

Most Recent Binge Watch: I don’t watch a lot of TV.

Best thing about Cavehill PS: High quality of education, beautiful grounds and family like environment.

Gemma Jordan

Kids at Cavehill : Rebecca in P3.

Favourite PTA event : P1 Parent Welcome Evening- great opportunity to introduce parents to Cavehill PS and get to know others parents in your child’s class.

Likes : Holidays and eating out.

Dislikes : Listening to my husband screaming at FIFA on the X Box.

Most Recent Binge Watch : Little Fires Everywhere.

Best thing about Cavehill PS : Teachers that really care about the kids.

Jennifer Casey

Kids at Cavehill : Caleb P4.

Favourite PTA event : The Summer Fair. It might take a lot planning but it’s a great fun end to the school year.

Likes : Holidays!!

Dislikes : Homework

Best thing about Cavehill Primary School : Amazing grounds, friendly & supportive parents.

Aneta Nixon

Kids at Cavehill : Tess P3 and Violet P1

Favourite PTA event: Summer Fair

Likes : Yoga, delicious food, cooking, baking, travelling.

Dislikes : Heights

Favourite TV show : Depends on the mood but my favourite is Grey’s Anatomy.

Peter Connolly

Kids at Cavehill ; Lilly P3

Favourite PTA event: Christmas Movie night – Great night for the kids and begins the countdown to Christmas.

Likes: Peace and quiet, but that’s fairly scarce with 3 kids!

Dislikes: Tomato sauce, it gravitates towards clothes…

Most recent binge-watch: Gangs of London.

Best thing about Cavehill Primary School:
Great community spirit, good teachers and a lovely school.

Pauline McCallion

Kids at Cavehill : Sadie P5 and Grace P2.

Favourite PTA event : MacMillan Grandparents Day, it’s for a great cause and there is so much cake!

Likes : Music and cheese, not necessarily at the same time.

Dislikes : When it starts raining right at pick up/ drop off time.

Most Recent Binge Watch : Normal People

Best thing about Cavehill PS : Beautiful grounds and great teachers! I hear they have a really great PTA too..

(T = Trustee of Cavehill PTA Charity)