PTA Meeting Minutes

Cavehill Primary School Parent Teacher Association

Annual General Meeting

Minutes 10.09.19

ATTENDEES:• Committee: Meghan Hoyt, Carole Glass, Jill Wharry, Andrew Bradury, Aisling Pugsley, Jennifer Casey, Julie Boone, AnetaNixon, Mr Orr.• Other attendees: Peter Connolly, Pauline McCallion, Miss McClelland, Laura Adair, Laura Mingle, Matt Cooper and Bertha McWhinney

Committee Apologies:  Alison Moore, Gemma Jordan and Gillian Weir.  1. Welcome and Apologies – Meghan welcomed attendees, introduced officials: Chair (herself), Treasurer (Carole Glass) and Secretary (Jill Wharry) and noted apologies.2. Minutes of 2018 AGM – circulated to Committee prior to the meeting, agreed as accurate.3. Chairs report – Meghan thanked outgoing committee members(Andy Bradbury, Rachel Peddar, Brenda Rodgers, Heather McVitty and Mr Bennett) and stated the main aims of the PTA:foster links to teachers; fundraise for school; create a community spirit. Meghan then ran through the various events and activities of the PTA last year.  P7 hoodies fundraising will be launched earlier in 2019/20. Meghan highlighted the benefits of the school garden and informed the meeting of the revival of the PTAnewsletter during the 2018/19 year as a way to improve communication to parents.  Full details can be found at separate Chairs Report.

​4. Financial report – Andy spoke of incomings and outgoings in 2018/19.  Spend of £22.5k was similar to the prior year but income was down approx. £7k (£19.7k v £26.8k). However £10k of prior year relates to Awards for All Grant). Andy explained amounts relating to restricted and unrestricted funds with cash available to spend of £6.6k. He also highlightedamounts set aside for teacher fund and the importance of reminding teachers to utilise (three teachers in 2018/19 did not avail of the funds). He finally commented on Summer Fair profit of nearly £3k this year which the Committee thought was commendable given the bad weather. Full details can be found at separate Finance Report.  Discussion re gift aid ensued – Treasurer to explore.5. Grant report – Meghan explained a large amount of our funds come from grants so Julie has built a grants team during the year. Julie ran through grants awarded during 2018/19 of £7.5k and mentioned unsuccessful applications as grants are becoming more difficult to be eligible for.  Priority areas to seek fundingfor are: first aid refresher training, garden, sensory room.  Contract with S3 ceased towards the end of 2018/19, saving £140pm going forward.  Need to utilise NICVA better in 2019/20. Full details can be found at separate Grants Report.6. Election of committee – All existing members listed above (including apologies) content to remain.  New members electedduring the meeting: Peter Connolly, Pauline McCallion and Miss McClelland.7. Proposed Event Schedule 2019/20 – Jill spoke to the meeting re planned events in term 1:• P1 welcome evening – being held next Thursday (19th), reply sheet issued today, volunteers secured, just need to decide on parent mixer idea, if any, while kids watch puppet show, to be discussed between volunteers. • Grandparents Day – 27th September, advertised in today’s Tuesday Note but need to publicise via Facebook also. Several volunteers to date, require few more.  Key to smooth running is replenishing hot water, plenty of buns and flow of queue when doors open!• Halloween – Jill to organise pumpkin competition and Alison to arrange afterschool treats.• Christmas – Jill touched upon setting up Christmas Planning Team to discuss what events to run via a separate meeting.  To be arranged.• Christmas Cards – Carole coordinating.  Drawings to be completed and sent by half term. Preferable to complete earlier.• 175th Anniversary Tea towels – Jill coordinating.  Class packs with Mr Orr to distribute to teachers as soon as possible so this and Christmas card monies are staggered.

New fundraising goals discussed, items suggested: benches/outdoor classroom and phonics scheme. However Aisling to explore if other ways to fund benches etc such as grant. Phonics to be costed and PTA to consider and prioritise main fundraising aim in 2019/20.

Finally it was agreed at the meeting to fund one more active panel using PTA funds raised during term 2 and 3 of 2018/19, therefore as at today’s date £3k of unrestricted cash left in bank account.8. AOB• Need to replace Mr Bennett as a trustee of the PTA.• Mr Orr thanked the Committee for their dedication during the year, as well as thanking all parent volunteers for their continued support.• Mr Orr to ask teachers if anyone is interested in replacing Mr Bennett as the Forest School Teacher. To liaise with Aisling.• PTA agreed to fund replace battery for school defibrillator. School to arrange/order and PTA Treasurer will write cheque.