PTA Meeting Minutes

Cavehill Primary School

Parent Teacher Association

Minutes 18.11.19

ATTENDEES:• Committee: Meghan Hoyt (Chair), Carole Glass (Treasurer), Jill Wharry (Secretary), Julie Boone, Aisling Pugsley, Alison Moore, Jennifer Casey, Gemma Jordan, Pauline McCallion, Peter Connolly, Mr Orr, Miss McClelland and Miss Hamilton .• Others: Laura Adair.

Committee Apologies:  Aneta Nixon and Gillian Weir.  1. Welcome and Apologies 

Meghan thanked everyone for coming, noted apologies and gave a special welcome to Miss Hamilton, the school’s new Vice Principal who has joined the Committee.  2. Financial update

Carole provided a summary of the account as at today:

Balance at 31 Oct​£8,119.39

Cash Lodged Nov​£1,935.95 (Halloween + Christmas cards) + £560 (Active grant)

Chqs Pending​​£1,329.05

Running Balance ​£9,286.29

+ Petty Cash​​£71.96

Of this:

Restricted Funds – £5,173.36

£637.50 VH – Jigsaw Counselling

£360.00 BCC – Football

£560.00 Active 2020 – multi sports

£3,615.86 Gardening (pending invoice confirmation from Mr. Orr)

Unrestricted Funds – £4,112.93

Jill highlighted after Christmas Activities we will be in a position to spend funds and asked Mr Orr to have a think about priority areas. 3. Grant update

Julie ran through the grant report issued to the Committee in advance of the meeting. Carole already touched upon ongoing grants via the restricted fund at item 2 but Julie noted Victoria Homes grant for counselling is coming to an end Dec’19 but thankfully the school have managed to secure funding for remainder of the year.4. Garden update

Aisling highlighted the main activity in the garden as detailed in the report issued to the Committee in advance of the meeting. The chutney made from the garden’s produce sold well. One grant application submitted in September and awaiting decision – this for an Outdoor Learning Officer. One grant application in progress for garden seating which is a joint application with St Therese.  5. Events update (Jill)a) Events since the last meeting

Halloween activities – previously have done nothing so kept low key and ran after school treats and pumpkin carving competition which combined raised over £200. Very minimal effort required for these but kids enjoy.b) Future events planned• Gin tasting night – being held on 30th Nov, poor uptake which is disappointing but the event is still viable thankfully. Discussion re merit of parent socials ensued and it was suggested to perhaps focus on more family orientated events.• Christmas movie night – date set for 5th Dec, flyer/booking form due to be sent home tomorrow (19thNov), volunteers required.• Christmas raffle – Pauline leading on this and gave a quick update on prizes, date of draw agreed as 18thDec.• Christmas after school treats – to run each Thursday and Friday in December, volunteers required.• Nativity refreshments – donations welcome, advertiseraffle prizes and sell tickets, volunteers required.c) Future event ideas for Term 2

Several events discussed such as Bingo Night, Family Quiz (kids v adults), Valentine’s Disco. No appetite for latter but Committee agreed to try a bingo night. 6. Teacher input/feedback

Mr Orr informed the Committee of areas where funding is required such as P3/4 – reading books and one remaining interactive panel.7. AOB• Christmas card orders completed and distributed. Raised over £500. • Tea towels postponed until New Year.• Discussions around 175th anniversary event – one idea is a colour run for kids during the school day but all ideas welcome. To be on tabled on the agenda for the next meeting.

Next meeting: TBC – mid January 2020