PTA Meeting Minutes

Cavehill Primary School

Parent Teacher Association

Minutes 20.01.2020

ATTENDEES:• Committee: Meghan Hoyt (Chair), Carole Glass (Treasurer), Jill Wharry (Secretary), Julie Boone, Aisling Pugsley, Alison Moore, Jennifer Casey, Gemma Jordan, Pauline McCallion, Peter Connolly, Mr Orr, Miss McClelland and Miss Hamilton .• Others: Laura Adair, Laura Emerson, Laura McCart, Amanda Buckley, Winston Irvine, Kylee Murphy.

Committee Apologies:  Gillian Weir.1. Welcome and Apologies 

Meghan clarified the role of the PTA and emphasised our main purpose is to fundraise and promote a welcoming school community.2. Financial update 

Carole ran through current bank account figures.  Balance as of today is £5,688.21.  Of this £920 relates to restricted grant funds for two after school activities. This leaves £4,768.21 of unrestricted funds. Discussion around if there is any pressing need for monies to be spent on particular areas in the school. Mr Orr to consult the teachers and feedback to the Committee. 

Carole updated the meeting on the following:• pursuing change of PTA bank account to have access to online banking • planning to prepare gift aid claim for the previous period asap• preparation of 2018-19 accounts to start Feb 2020• explore possibility of using the school app in future to book PTA events etc.

Re final point Mr Orr explained the app is in early stages and is basic at present to allow for a transition period so will be used for communications in the first instance. If/when the school look into using it for payments PTA can be consulted to see if their requirements could be met.3. Grant update 

Julie ran through grant update and highlighted current ongoing grants as follows:

Awarded by

Grant amount

Spend breakdown

Belfast City Council Small Grants​


Football afterschool coaching​

Everybody Active 2020


Afterschool multisports

Julie then provided the meeting with status of other grants since the last meeting:• one application has been submitted to Celebrate National Lottery 25 for the schools 175th Anniversary Celebrations – due to hear back next week• one application currently being worked on from the Halifax Foundation in relation to Literacy and Numeracy Support• unsuccessful grant applications since Nov-19 update:➢ Ernest Cook Trust for an Outdoor Learning Officer➢ Telecommunity Grant for Numeracy and Literacy Support• Victoria Home grant completed and closed.

Julie let the group know that a Grant team meeting was being planned for February 2020 and anyone interested in helping is welcome to attend. Once date is confirmed, Jill to publicise.4. Garden update

Aisling advised the meeting that an outdoor after schoolsclub was advertised but only one child expressed interest. Time of year was perhaps off putting as well as it being a Friday from 3 – 4pm. Miss Hamilton suggested tying in with the eco-club. Mr Orr also suggested speaking toclass teachers to use as part of nature/world around us topic where pupils get involved with planting the seeds. 5. Events update – Jill ran through the following:a) Events since the last meeting• Gin tasting – well attended, fun night, raised £500 profit• Christmas Activities – movie night, nativity refreshments, raffle and treats raised approx. £2k

These combined with Halloween treats gives total fundraising for term 1 at approx. £2,750.b) Future events planned• Tea towels – brief discussion as to when to circulate for orders i.e. before half term or after – Jill to check with the office best time.• Valentines afterschool treats – agreed to run as easy and fun for the kids – Alison to lead but need few more volunteers.• Bingo night – good family activity to do together and doesn’t require huge amount of organisation but running this event will depend on 175 year eventplans. Will know more when receive the result ofgrant application.• Easter hamper – Jill sought volunteers to organise, no one forthcoming at meeting.• 175 anniversary event – awaiting outcome from grant application.• Summer Fair – First meeting to be held March 2020, date of fair to be 13th or 20th June.6. Teacher input/feedback 

Miss McClelland wanted to check status of teacher fund – Carole to email Miss McClelland re totals.7. AOB


Date of next meeting: TBC – 2nd or 9th March – check most suitable date with Mr Orr.